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Dec 02, 2022

St Louis Post-Dispatch: New indoor slide park in Chesterfield combines thrills of roller coasters, water parks


If sliding headfirst for 28 feet and landing on an airbag sounds thrilling, a new indoor adventure park in Chesterfield beckons. In a region crowded with trampoline and bounce-house attractions, Slick City St. Louis West aims to stand out with its hair-raising slides.

Slick City is like a water park sans water. Riders climb towers and then propel down slides of varying heights on mats using a “patented dry slide technology,” marketing manager Logan Secrist says. The material in the mats allows riders to glide over the bumps and twists in the slides.

The 39,000-square-foot facility, which opened in late November, offers 10 slides, three “air” courts (similar to basketball courts, but the floor is filled with air), and a zip line, a trapeze and a swing.

The experience of taking flight while whizzing down the slides is not for the faint of heart.

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“It’s kind of like an adrenaline rush,” says Anna Biby, manager of park support. She describes the ride as similar to being on a roller coaster. A few of the slides have a straight drop — the Mega Launch catapults the rider into a free fall onto an airbag.

Biby’s favorite is the Scoop Slide, which she says is like a halfpipe in skateboarding. After the initial drop, the rider goes backward, then back up. A “thrill meter” rates each slide’s difficulty and excitement factor.

The owners, who are originally from St. Louis, operate several family entertainment attractions, including a Slick City in Denver. The current capacity of Slick City West is 200, but it could expand to 275.

The park can be used by riders of all ages, although most attractions are limited to those 5 and older. Prices vary by age and duration of visit.

Slick City requires that visitors wear grip socks ($3.99 per pair) while playing. They can be cleaned and reused on future visits. There is a weight limit of 275 pounds for riders.

Secrist says the park offers party packages and is available for group events. Multiday passes and membership options are available for those who want to become frequent fliers on the slides.

While Slick City accepts walk-ins as space permits, reservations are encouraged, especially for the busy weekend time slots. Glow City, on Saturday nights starting Dec. 17, will feature a glow-in-the-dark, black-light experience.

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WHERE Slick City St. Louis West, 17379 Edison Avenue, Chesterfield • HOW MUCH $24.99 for 90 minutes, $29.99 for two hours; $12.99 for 90 minutes, $15.99 for two hours for ages 4 and under • MORE INFO 636-229-9899;

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